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Read Tim Cassedy’s superb review of OMBY on the Los Angeles Review of Books’s “Avidly” blog.

OMBY is a new word-puzzle game from Counterwave Games. The first puzzle in OMBY looks like this:

The top of the screen shows the opening sentences from Herman Melville’s 1851 book Moby-Dick; or The Whale. A portion of the text has been blacked-out, as if by a censor’s pen.

Below that is the puzzle play area. It consists of five domino tiles oriented vertically.

Each domino tile has two letters on it, one on top of the other. Sometimes a domino has a space, or perhaps a comma on it.

Your goal is to recover the blacked-out text by rearranging these vertically-oriented dominos like so many 1×2 Scrabble tiles.

Perhaps you can see that the answer is OR NO MONEY…

There—we’ve solved the first puzzle in OMBY.

But what comes next? Is the entire book partially scrambled like this? All 135 chapters of it, sentence-by-sentence?

Thanks for asking.

Yes—we scrambled the whole book! It’s over 10,000 puzzles, altogether.

So find yourself a comfy chair. Settle in with one of America’s greatest books, sentence-by-sentence. It’s simultaneously a Quality Slow Read and a Vexing Puzzle Challenge. Good luck!

“Avast!” cried Starbuck, “there’s no need of that!”

We couldn’t agree more.

Have fun!

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